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Original Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine $495, with downloadbale testimonal book and free footrest cover with your Chi Machine Order!

shipping is $35




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Original Chi Machine


Far Infrared Pad

with Far Inrared Pad

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine $665 with Far Infrared Pad

As always, we include free footrest cover.


$768 Value, only
shipping: $55

ePower Machine

E-Power machine $680



$ 680

Advanced ERE Advanced ERE


Advanced EREePower Machine Advanced ERE & ePower Special $1070 $1200

epower-belt ePower Belt - $120

body bianca profile Body Profile for $89.99


Regular HotHouse


Grande SoQi Ceramic Heater on sale, shipping $70





Soqi Bed

Grande SoQi Bed for a very Limited time - call for special pricing and details!!!




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