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How it works

1. Relaxes muscle locally;

2. Temporarily increases local blood circulation; and

3. Temporarily relieves minor muscular aches, pain, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion.

The Chi Machine® (Sun Ancon® ) was invented by a Japanese Doctor of medicine, - Dr. Shizuo Inoue .
He has been researching the functions of the human body in the realm of medicine and science for 38 years. The principles of the Chi Machine® are based on the results of Mr. Shizuo Inoue's intensive research. The Chi Machine

In 1993 The Chi Machine® was awarded the Silver Eagle medal, the prize for the best product at the 2nd Asian-Pacific Direct-selling Congress. The Chi Machine® is a totally unique device, which promotes local muscle relaxation. Just recline face-up on the floor with both feet placed upon its specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine® rocks the entire body from left to right in a gentle, undulating motion.

The Chi Machine® is the only original in this style made according to inventor’s theory and standard. The product has been granted patent in the United States and listed by UL file E133341 for electrical safety.


How to Use The Chi Machine Properly

The Chi Machine® is the brilliant culmination of 38 years of research, hard work, and the insight of Japanese medical doctor Shizuo Inoue. This scientific device is based on medical and physiological sciences. Many hospitals in Japan now highly rate it an important health appliance.

Anyone who has used the Chi Machine® can tell you -- when you lie on your back with your feet elevated on the Chi Machine’s footrest, with your legs swinging gently from left to right in that regular, relaxing pattern -- you swivel from foot to waist, from waist to chest, and from the chest to the head. The Chi Machine® drives the two rotating regions (the neck and the waist) and causes a motion much like that of a fish swimming in water. Dr. Inoue even calls this “the goldfish method” because it was inspired by goldfish swimming. We have all noticed that when a fish swims, its tail gently swings. When the Chi Machine® is used while reclining there is no weight bearing, no pressure on skeletal structures.

Are you ready?

Using the following procedure will help you discover and enjoy the exciting world of The Chi Machine®!

Select a quiet room and a time when you are not likely to be disturbed. Place The Chi Machine® on a solid yet comfortable surface (such as a low-pile carpeted floor). Before starting, slip on the ankle protectors (or a pair of thick socks) and drink 150cc of water or juice. For those in good physical condition, we strongly suggest making the first session with The Chi Machine® of less then five-minutes duration. No more than two-minutes daily for those who are physically challenged is advised. However, certain more sensitive individuals can gradually increase the time up to a maximum of fifteen minutes once their sensitivities decrease.

1. First, be seated. Place The Chi Machine® in front of you with handle facing away;

2. Lie down on the floor with your body completely relaxed. You should be perfectly aligned with the machine – at right angles with the ankle cradle;

(Please, NEVER place your feet on the cradle until you are completely reclined If you do, it is very likely that your ankles will pull the machine toward you and make the machine unbalanced. This will shorten the life of your machine.)

3. Place your ankles in the curved ankle rests of the cradle;

4. Adjust your body to a comfortable position. Take a couple of deep breaths. Turn the timer to the desired setting and just relax and enjoy!

When the machine stops, most people will feel a sense of numbness and/or a tingling sensation. This is normal. Please, DON’T GET UP! Remain lying down two to three more minutes. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

• Remain motionless a few minutes after the machine stops

Please make sure to drink liberal amounts of water following every use of the machine!

Cautions for use of The Chi Machine

Please, DON’T use the machine

• within one hour of having eaten;

• if not completely recovered from surgery;

• if suffering from bleeding or inflamed wounds; or

• if in the first trimester of pregnancy of if you have a history of miscarriage.

Use it daily! The more you use The Chi Machine®, the more you will benefit.

How can this benefit so many different people?

Every day, people consume a chemical cocktail from residues in farm products and processed foods. Water supplies are often contaminated, we suffer from air pollution, badly ventilated rooms, lack of exercise, and an excess of highly processed foods and additives. All this is compounded by stress and sedentary lifestyles. The side effects of drugs can cause many ailments, among them - exhaustion, muscle stiffness, dizziness, numbness, pains, itchiness, inflammation and sometimes panic attacks. The Chi Machine will help provide the essential benefits of exercise without putting stress on the spinal vertebrae, joints, heart and lungs and without depleting vital body energy levels or causing injury. This can be done at any time, anywhere by anyone!

Why you have to drink water before and after using the "Chi Machine"?

Before and after using the "Chi Machine" you have to drink some water to help facilitate the removal of circulatory and metabolic waste materials from the body by way of urine. This promotes good health.

Is there more than one way to use the machine?

Yes, there are three different positions. The neutral one is the one most commonly used as it is the most relaxing but you can try the other positions whenever you like. Remember, always make sure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

1. Place both hands under your head with your fingers clasped.

2. Lie with your arms relaxed by your sides, palms down and at an angle of about 45 degrees.

3. Lie with arms straight, outstretched on the floor behind the head - pressing the middle of the spine into the floor.

Why do you have to remain lying still for two or three minutes after using the "Chi Machine?"

When the "Chi Machine stops, it is highly recommended that you not immediately get up because you will have the sense of total collapse from head to toe – the entire body. This is what Chinese herbal doctors call the "oxygen-blood circulation." In fact, "Chi" is sending messages throughout the internal body. Those who practice "Chi Gong" are aware of this mysterious phenomenon. This internal massage that occurs after the machine has stopped can produce as much as 60% of the machine’s total effect -- even greater than the effect produced during the actual swinging itself.

Has the efficacy of the "Chi Machine " been verified as a health appliance by any recognized agency?

Yes, it has. It has been verified and certified by Japan’s Medical Affairs Bureau. Moreover, it has been patented in many countries.

Does the "Chi Machine" have a satisfaction and after-sales guarantee?

Yes. Buy it with confidence. We offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty.

Why isn't the speed of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine adjustable?

The speed of the Chi Machine was determined by rigorous and thorough study. It precisely conforms to the body's metabolism whether the person is frail, athletic, young or old. It moves the body in a perfect figure eight. A faster or slower speed would produce an irregular figure of eight which would actually damage the body.

Do you have to be young and healthy to use the Chi Machine?

Due to its low impact operation, it does no harm to the frail or elderly. In fact there are some categories of people such as the wheelchair bound and movement impaired who benefit greatly from the gentle massaging effect created by the exerciser and its assistance in the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body.

I have just had surgery. Can I use the "Chi Machine?"

No. You can not use it unless the wound is closed and healed. In addition, neither can it be used during early pregnancy or shortly after spontaneous labor.

Can it cause any harm or side effects?

Massage/exercise in the lying down position ensures no possible injury. The heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase because no effort is exerted. (Massage in this context means the gentle massage effect on the internal organs that occurs with the wave-like movements of the body)

Is this a good way to exercise regularly?

The simplicity of use and the portability of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, offers a convenient way for busy people to cultivate a vital exercise habit.


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