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Excerpts from Dr. Shizuo Inoue's, the inventor of the Chi Machine, Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health.

Oxygen is indispensable to Health, Beauty and Clear Mind. Oxygen brings out good health, beauty, helps us maintain our youth and a clear mind. But in today's life, numerous factors can cause oxygen deficiency. Such as; lack of exercise, rich food, over eating, windows and doors, high-rise buildings (affecting respiration), air pollution, food additives and preservatives, air pollution, and dependence on drugs. It is for these reasons that Dr. Shizuo Inoue embarked on the study of Oxygen Health Medicine.

Food is essential to our life. We can survive without food for two to three weeks, but our life can be endangered if we don't drink water for six to seven days. Because of the advances of modern technology, we can now live without eating or drinking for one or two months. In this case, life has to be maintained by intravenous drip which provides the body with nutrition and medical needs, and more importantly, with water.

However, life will stop if air is cut off for several minutes. By air, we actually mean oxygen. Under the condition of oxygen deficiency, a person may experience pain, inflammation, swelling, tumor, ulcer, cloudy mind. In serious cases, the heart might stop beating.

Oxygen is indispensable to the existence of all creatures. It is especially important for the cells which make up the brain. A deficiency of oxygen may lead to damage of the cerebral nerves. The body is unable to store oxygen and thus has to obtain it by uninterrupted and efficient respiration. Oxygen deficiency is the cause of various diseases. Oxygen is a pre-condition for human life. Medical authorities say there is a relationship between oxygen deficiency and cancer.

The trouble maker - oxygen deficiency.

We can conclude from the observations made by many medical authorities that almost all diseases are related to oxygen deficiency. The discovery of oxygen dates back to 1774. Before the discovery of oxygen, people only knew that there was something in the air which was closely linked to breathing. Oxygen purifies one's body and mind, keeps one sober and keeps doctors away.

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