A great Business Opportunity that anyone can do in their spare time. If you are passionate about wellness, why not help others and be rewarded for the goodness that you spread.

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This is an opportunity to do something that you like, promoting wellness and a feeling of well being while being rewarded financially. It is the one MLM type product that I am comfortable with sharing with my family and friends. I can't think of another product that I honestly feel that way. My wife has been using the Chi Machine & HotHouse with her clients before and after their treatments. She continues to get phenomenal positive feedback. The Chi Machine can go anywhere you can Get AC Power. It is a perfect compliment to any organization that promotes wellness. In fact, here are a few of the untapped markets we could supply to:

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists: A relaxing session on the CHI Machine will significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment by reducing stress and tension, limbering the spine and relaxing the muscles while activating the lymph system and oxygenating the body. This could greatly enhance their practice and improve the effective treatment of their clients.

Rehab Specialists: (Elderly, Physically Challenged, Sports and Detox Centers) A large percentage of the population are physically unable to exercise. With the CHI Machine, similar benefits of traditional aerobic activity can be achieved effortlessly. The CHI Machine effectively activates the body's natural cleansing systems, increasing overall health and well-being without putting stress or strain on joints and organs.

Psychologists, Marriage Counselors, Hypnotherapists: Due to the profound relaxation created by the CHI Machine, Therapists have found an increase in session effectiveness when a patient uses the CHI Machine for a few minutes before their session.

Health Clubs, Day Spas, Retreats: The CHI Machine is great for warm-up and cool down sessions before and after a workout. The machine is also great effortless way to tighten and tone hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

Feng Shui, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Holistic & Metaphysical Centers: The euphoric, energetic feeling created by a session on the CHI Machine makes this a perfect market as they will see 'Instant Results'.!

Athletes / Coaches / Sports Medicine: The relaxing effect of the CHI Machine can help athletes loosen up before and after games & workouts, providing tremendous health benefits. The effortless aerobic workout helps get oxygen to every cell in the body not just the targeted muscle areas of a conventional workout.

Business Executives and anyone in a Stressful Environment:Taking a 5 or 10 minute refreshing, relaxing break during the day will make even the most stressed person operate at a much more efficient level and increase both productivity and morale. The "No Sweat" CHI Machine makes it quick and easy even in a business suit or dress, which is exactly what the American people want and need with today's hectic life style.

Here are a list of practitioners that are using the Chi Machine & HotHouse in their practice:

Accupuncturists, Allergist, Aromatherapist, Biofeedback Technicians,Chiropractors, Craniosacral Therapist, Dentists, Detoxification Therapist, Drugless Practitioner, Emotional Stress Therapist, Family Physicians, Healing Touch Practitioner, Herbalists, Holistic Health Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Iridologists, Massage Therapists, Natural Health Consultants, Natural Medicine Naturopaths, Neuromuscular Therapist, Nutritional Consultants, Occupational Therapist, Oncologists, Ophthalmologists, Optometrist, Osteopathic Medicine, Psychotherapist, Physical Therapist, Plastic Surgeon, Radiation Oncologist, Reflexologists, Registered Nurses, Rehabilitation, Rheumatologist, Teacher-Brain Gym, Trager Practitioner

Don't wait, it is your opportunity to join the growing number of people who have discovered this wonderful product. As a distributor, you can enjoy a nice commission every time you sell a product. They sell themselves when you let someone try yours! I suggest ordering 2 so you can keep one in house and lend the other out to perspective customers. This way they can try it in the comfort of their own home, or office. Once they try it, they'll be ready to order one.

Distributor Application Form: Download Here

Why Should You Become a Distributor?

  • This is a Ground Floor Opportunity with a Strong International Company
  • Untapped, Rapidly Expanding, Billion Dollar Wellness Market
  • Exclusive Patented Products Based On Medical Research
  • Simple, Proven Home Based or Small Office Business
  • Lucrative Sales Commissions with Management Overrides
  • Travel and Car Expense Bonus Potential
  • Even if you sell only one or two units a month, you have helped someone you know to feel better!
  • Is HTE a good MLM Company?

The generous payment plan has many benefits:

  • No personal monthly volume required after initial purchase
  • Earn Overrides on your organization
  • You can quickly rise to the top levels. It is easy to get to the supervisor level. In fact you could order 8 yourself, after you become a distributor, keep them in inventory. You could even get 2 friends to sign-up and have them each buy 3 units with you, and you would get to 9 units right away. Be creative.
  • Once a level is achieved, you never lose it
  • Limited qualifications based on level
  • Breakaway bonus for Presidents/Star Presidents to create other Presidents
  • Achievable Car Program for Lease or Purchase for Presidents and above
Chi Machine
*Group Volume
Star President
7,560 BVP
7,560 BVP
2,475 BVP
405 BVP
90 BVP

Level 1, Distributor:
To qualify you purchase your own machine ($480) and a distributor kit ($24.95)

You now qualify to earn $67.50 per Chi Machine Sale

Level 2, Supervisor:
To qualify you and/or your organization have sold a total of 9 Chi Machines.

You now qualify to earn $108.00 per Chi Machine Sale

Level 3, Manager:
To qualify you and/or your organization have sold a total of 64 Chi Machines. In addition to this you must have 2 people in your organization that have reached the level of Supervisor.

You now qualify to earn $144.00 per Chi Machine Sale

Level 5, President:
To qualify you and/or your organization have sold a total of 392 Chi Machines. In addition to this you must have 4 people in your organization that have reached 1st level Manager, or two 1st generation Managers and one 1st generation Vice President, or two 1st generation Vice Presidents.

Growth Bonus: 1. If one or more of your second generation has achieved the Vice President's Club level, you will receive a Growth Bonus of 5% of their CBV. 2) If one or more of your down line organization below the second level (i.e. 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) has achieved the Vice President's Club level, you will receive a Growth Bonus of 4% of their CBV.

Leadership Benefits: Leadership Benefits are automatically awarded to the President Level and above. These benefits include:

  • 1% Bonus of GBVP
  • Car Fund
  • Travel Fund
  • President Breakaway Bonus (must maintain a 500 PBVP/1500 GBVP qualification in the same month to receive bonus)
  • Infinity Bonus (must maintain a 500 PBVP/1500 GBVP qualification in the same month to receive bonus).
  • You now qualify to earn $39.990.00 per Chi Machine Sale

Level 6, Star President:
To qualify you must be a qualified President and obtain 3 active/qualified Presidents on your 1st level.

You earn the same $180.00 per Chi Machine Sale, plus

Infinity Bonus: When meeting this qualification the Star President's shared infinity bonus becomes 1.5%. The .5% increase above President Club level Shared Infinity Bonus is a bonus only shared with other Star Presidents in that leg. If qualification drops below the 3 required active/qualified Presidents on the 1st generation in any given month - the Star President shared infinity bonus will not be paid that month and will go back to the President's 1% shared infinity bonus. When reaching Star President's Club level status, the monthly 500 PBVP/1500GBVP will be waived for that qualified month.

Example 1
You are a Manager and sign a new distributor - You earn $144.00. That distributor makes his/her first sale and earns $67.5. You earn the difference between your $144 and their $67.5 ---You earn $76.50

That distributor makes his/her 2nd - 9th sales and earns $67.50 per sale. You earn the difference between your $144 and their $67.50 --- You earn $76.50 per sale

As a Manager, you earn $756.00 for each new distributor you help to reach Supervisor.

As a Manager you would earn $36. For each sale your Supervisors make. If you had only 10 Supervisors making only 10 sales per month you would earn $3,600.00 per month without making a single sale yourself.

Example 2
As a President you would earn the same $36.00 per sale on your Managers and $72.00 per sale on your Supervisors. With only 4 Managers each having only the same 100 sales (in their group) you would earn $14,400 per month, again, without making a single sale yourself.

Now that you have read it all, contact us to request a unit and become a distributor today!

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