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Experience the Benefits of Far Infrared Technology
The normal temperature of your body is 37°C (98.6°F). At times, such as when we are fighting off an infection, our body temperature rises, and this is no accident. Several studies have found that artificial mimicking of this natural response in the body by using radiant heat has many protective and healing effects.

Heating the body between 41 and 48°C (105.8 – 139.99.4°F) is called hyperthermia. A very safe and efficient way of heating the body to this precise temperature is through the use of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). FIR is a type of radiant energy that is similar to sunlight and is well beyond the ability of the naked eye to see. FIR is capable of penetrating beneath the skin’ s surface, where it gently elevates the body’s temperature as it is absorbed.

Over the last ten years, many studies have discovered that raising the temperature in the entire body (whole-body-hyperthermia) can increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and irradiation (Sagowski et al., 2002). Treatments such as irradiation and chemotherapy are designed to destroy rapidly reproducing cells, but can also harm the bone marrow and its ability to produce white blood cells (key components of the immune system). A study conducted on mice by Zaidi and colleagues (2002) suggests that whole-body-hyperthermia helps to regulate the immune system by inducing cytokines, cells responsible for the protection and regeneration of important immune cells. Even if you are healthy, you have abnormal cells in your body and your immune system is hard at work identifying and destroying this dangerous tissue. With diseases such as cancer, the immune system is unable to keep up with the growth rate of these mutated cells. Hyperthermia has been shown to produce a type of “heat-shock proteins” that mark tumors as invaders, assisting the immune system in identifying abnormal tissue (Sagowski et al., 2002).

Hyperthermia also has a powerful effect on the circulatory system. In response to the increased temperature, blood vessels in the body expand, allowing circulation to increase (Sagowski et al., 2002). This allows the blood to inundate each cell with nutrients and vital oxygen. Once in the cell, nutrients and oxygen are converted to energy. Exposure to FIR can increase the body’s energy reserve and enhance metabolism. Just as it brings nutrients and oxygen, increased circulation also enhances the removal of toxins and waste products from the cell. For example, when your muscles do not receive enough oxygen, they produce lactic acid and you may experience this as soreness. FIR therapy has been shown to relieve minor aches and pains associated with muscle and bone.

The results of FIR are phenomenal, as heat therapy can enhance the immune system, increase blood flow and oxygenation, relieve minor aches and pains and help to eliminate toxins. Do you want to experience these benefits for yourself? TheChiMachine.com currently has two affordable products that maximize FIR technology. The HotHouse’s specially designed dome-shape and multifaceted acute-angled silicon surface maximizes the radiant heat absorbed by the user. This product is perfect for comfortably heating the entire body!

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Here’s what our distributors had to say about some of the benefits of TheChiMachine.com’s FIR products:

“ In May of 2001 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was told that my PSA blood count was a bit over 1800. This is an extremely high count. My wife called her son, Ken, and he came out right away and brought the HotHouse with him. He had told us about the success others had achieved with lowering their counts while using the HotHouse, and I was willing to try anything, as I did not want to undergo radiation or chemotherapy.

I started using the HotHouse immediately and ordered one for myself that night… After biopsies, bone scans and ultrasounds, I was told at the end of May, that my PSA blood count was at 1885, and that the cancer had spread to my bones (back, pelvis, legs, head, etc).

On June 1st we went to the Cancer Clinic and got the pills to begin the hormone therapy to inhibit the growth of cancer. On June 12th I was taken to the hospital by ambulance after suffering a mild heart attack (unrelated to the cancer). Before leaving the hospital, the doctor injected my first hormone therapy shot. The whole time I had been using the HotHouse everyday as long as possible. Some nights I would stay under it all night, waking up only to turn it back on again. During the day I would use it whenever I had the chance.

On July19th, I went back to the doctor to have my PSA count done again to monitor the cancer. My count had dropped from 1885 to 30!!! This happened in only 12 weeks, one week of which I was in the hospital and unable to use the HotHouse. As 30 is still a very high PSA count I will continue to use the HotHouse with total confidence that I will be able to bring my cancer to “0.”

Thanks to my stepson Ken and The Chi Machine for such a great machine!”

Merl Bowers
Picture Butte, AB

“The Chi Machine and HotHouse has helped me to combat cancer. Two years ago I had a biopsy. It was prostate cancer. Three months later I had my prostate removed. One year later my PSA was up. I undertook 34 radiation treatments. Three months later my PSA count was higher. The doctor said I had two years to live.

There was nothing they could do for me. My brother came over with a Chi Machine and a HotHouse. He also introduced me to a friend of his who was getting good results from both machines. I purchased both machines this July 1, 2000. I changed my diet and used the HotHouse one-hour per day. The Chi Machine I used for 10 minutes per day for the first week. The second week I used the HotHouse twice a day for one hour each time and the Chi Machine 10 minutes twice a day. I noticed a big change in my health in about 10 days.

On July 17, 2000 I had a hormone shot. On October 3, 2000 my PSA test showed 0, NO CANCER!! The Chi Machine and the HotHouse gave me a second chance for life!! I feel great and will continue to use both machines every day.”

Bob Bosch
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

More about the Hothouse by Nathan Lipton, M.D.

Not long after obtaining and discovering the wonderful benefits of the Chi Machine, I became curious about another device made by the same company, called the HotHouse or the Far-Infrared Dome. I ordered it and found it very pleasant to use by itself or in conjunction with the Chi Machine. Around this time, my wife developed arthritis in her right hip and big toe. A rheumatologist, who recommended powerful anti-inflammatories that might have been very effective but can also cause side effects, saw her. Rather than go the pharmaceutical route, she began using the HotHouse for two 20 minute-sessions daily over her hip and foot. Within one month, all her symptoms resolved which was very impressive to me. With continued use, she remains pain-free.

Before long I brought the HotHouse and Chi Machine into my office to use with patients. The main surgery I perform is LASIK laser vision correction and I have found it extremely helpful to place all my patients on the Chi Machine and the HotHouse for 10 minutes before their procedure.

I also introduced the HotHouse to patients whom I felt could benefit from its use. One of these was Mr. Neil Hendrikson who reported his experience as follows:

Dear Dr. Lipton –
Thanks for recommending the FIR HotHouse. I was in terrible pain, gone to every doctor, MRI, the works. I have bone spurs, and two bulging discs in my back. I was bedridden, taking pain pills and having terrible back spasms. I had made an appointment with a pain specialist when I remembered Dr. Lipton’s FIR machine; I had one airfreigTheChiMachine.comd to my house.

What a miracle! In seven days, no medicine was needed. My wife even started using the HotHouse for sciatica with great relief. Thank you Dr. Lipton.”

This and other patient’s experiences with the HotHouse demonstrated that far infrared rays have unique therapeutic properties. How does far infrared work? There is an excellent article in the January 2001 issue of Alternative Medicine magazine that addresses this question.

In brief brief, , here is a summary of the mechanisms and benefits of the HotHouse F Far ar Infrared unit:

1. The HotHouse raises body temperature (also known as hyperthermia) which has many benefits.

a. It promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

b. Second, it modulates the immune system by increasing production of cytokines (special immune cells that play a very important role in disease control). In Europe and Central America, people pay exorbitant amounts of money to bring cultivated cytokines in for their health needs.

c. Third, it coordinates the immune response against mutated cells. (Mutated cells are genetic variants that occur randomly or because of environmental changes; they are usually not favorable to the survival of the person in whom they occur).

2. The HotHouse helps athletes recover faster from athletic trauma; especially the combination of the HotHouse and the Chi Machine, helps tissues repair by increasing oxygenation to the tissues and reducing the production of lactic acid. Also, through increased lymph drainage, the accumulated lactic acid from the injury is resolved sooner. It also promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair.

3. The HotHouse promotes Chinese meridian regulation. Far infrared can penetrate up to 4 cm (1 ½ inches) into the body. This excites the vibrational energy of the molecules and resonates with the cellular frequencies, and thus promotes the proper flow of energy or chi throughout the body. This in turn promotes all bioprocesses, increasing metabolism, increasing blood circulation, and the core body temperature. One hour under the HotHouse burns over 900 calories by raising the metabolism and body temperature.

4. The HotHouse detoxifies the environmentally patient. Far infrared brings about significant detoxification of heavy metals including mercury and other environmental pollutants. Finally, I will share my own personal experience with far infrared. Several months ago, I woke up and noticed there was a lump about the size of a grape on the right side of my neck. It wasn’t there the day before and I felt fine otherwise. What was it? It was likely a lymph node which certainly is a source of concern. When I got home that evening, I got under the far infrared unit for 2 hours; when I finished this treatment, the lump was unchanged. The next morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I was amazed to see the lump had shrunk 80%; I only wish I had taken a photograph. After another week of treatment, it disappeared.

I know that far infrared units are used in Europe and Asia to treat almost every health condition with therapeutically significant results. As a physician I am on a mission to help educate other physicians about far infrared and how this wonderful modality can be used to help their patients remain healthy.

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