ePower Medical Testimonials

Through this statement, I Dr. Justo Silverio Cabriales Delgado; Surgeon and Obstetrician with identity card of the General Direction of Professions No. 1173125, graduate of U.A.N.L. post-grad in Biliary Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Paris, France, member of the General Surgery Board of Mexico and Certified in Diabetic Foot Medicine stand behind my statement.

Currently I perform as the Medical Director of BIKAR. In this clinic we offer services like General Surgery, Dental, Nutrition and Diabetic Foot Medicine; also, we have agreements with doctors of all specialties, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and units of radio diagnostics to bring the best service with great professionalism and warmth.

Through my studies and investigations we have discovered a technique to treat Diabetic Foot called FEEDBACK OF REGENERATIVE FLUID in which we use HTE equipment and the SOQI Concept. In our clinic, we care about having internationally renowned sophisticated equipment.

With the above mentioned, we have had a 91% success rate with wet gangrene and a 61% success rate with dry gangrene; this is why we highly recommend HTE equipment due to its efficiency in the recovery of our patients.

Through this statement, I Dr. Maria Josefina Guillen Baumgarten Surgeon and Obstetrician graduated from the Medical Faculty of Guadalajara University and specialized in Internal Medicine; certify that I have used H.T.E. equipment on many of my patients who have suffered from different diseases, with great results by reducing symptoms, which has allowed me to reduce their medicine dosage and also reduce the secondary effects that some medications provoke.

I have been a doctor for 33 years and during the last 5 years, before I retired I was using all H.T.E. products with my patients who suffered with innumerable diseases. I still remember the joy and the happy faces of their relatives because their loved ones had less pain and discomfort. The Chi Machine has allowed many of my patients to avoid surgical intervention. The HotHouse has even allowed some of my diabetic patients to avoid amputations. The Advanced ERE as allowed some of my patients to recover quickly from the aftermath of strokes. These machines inject vitality and energy into mistreated bodies that are submerged in terminal diseases.

There is no doubt that my patients received great benefits from H.T.E. equipment, which I highly recommend not only for people with poor health, but for people who enjoy maintaining great health.

Through this statement, I Maria Teresa Cotón Cabañero Gestalt Psychotherapist and Bioenergetics, Chikung Instructor (energetic healing thru martial arts and yoga), with studies in Tibetan Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Bach Flower Therapist, Thanatology and Shiatsu (Digital Acupuncture Technique) stand behind this recommendation letter.

Currently I perform as the General Director for the Therapeutic Center “Angeles de La Luz” with branches in Mexico, D.F. and Madrid, Spain and am General Therapeutic  Counselor for “Royal Spa Group”.

I highly recommend H.T.E. equipment for the Prevention, Correction and Maintenance of our health. Some H.T.E. equipment uses the technique of Photon Platinum which I have applied in numerous patients in my center and among different therapies producing 100% satisfactory results. I also recommend the usage of all products to bring synergy of all the different energies: thermotherapy, movement and electric.

My name is Elizabeth Gaxiola Gámez, Surgeon and Obstetrician with Id no. from the General Board of Professions No. 1312995, graduated from the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez.

I’ve always been moved by the desire to help people and I always do it with the best intention of improving their health so they can live a fulfilling live. About 8 years ago, my husband, who is also a doctor and I, were introduced to the Chi Machine and immediately discovered its amazing benefits. We began to recommend it to our family members, friends and also our patients having great results.

The Chi Machine was the key to gaining our confidence, and then the HotHouse arrived, Advance Electro Reflex Energizer and now the E-Power. The equipment started to sell; the users wanted to recommend them too and by this simple method we started to build a huge organization and I feel very satisfied to have reached the level of Pearl President and very soon Jade President.

With the absolute confidence that this High Quality Equipment, with proven efficiency, I highly recommend to all families for daily use as a preventer, corrector and maintainer of their health.

Every day there are more doctors and health professionals who join this great mission of delivering the benefits of health and opportunity throughout homes around the world and I invite you to join this great H.T.E. family and help us to give our Mexican, American and Worldwide families, the hope for a healthy living.

Hello! I’m Dr. José Francisco Ríos, Orthopedic Physician, graduated from Guadalajara University and Civil Hospital.  For 5 years I have used H.T.E. products with myself, family and private clients, with great results.

The best thing about these devices is their continuous use, and if you use them in an adequate way, you will be able to see the results in a short period of time.

The warranty this enterprise offers on its products is great and the testimonies from the users are even better.
These products speak for themselves; you just need to use them frequently and wait to feel the results.
I highly recommend their usage. Health is first.

Through this statement, I Dr. Fernando Lara Rangel, Surgeon graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with Id no. from the General Board of Professions No. 1072100, graduated with studies on biological medicine, neural therapy, neurological hammer, homeopathic, acupuncture, radionics, phototherapy and magnotherapy.

I’ve been practicing bioenergetic medicine for more than 20 years. Currently I take care of my patients with biologic medicine. In my office, (bioenergetic medicine) 80% of patients I treat have chronic illnesses diagnosed and treated by conventional  medicine without any improvement. In this place we work with the patient’s energy having some times astonishing results.

When I was introduced to H.T.E. equipment, what caught my attention was its multi energy concept: electric, movement and heat, since they would be a good addition to our current treatments and also because they don’t interfere with the patient’s energetic management that we perform in this place.

The results were positive and after four years I still use them and will continue using them. They have been a good addition to my patient’s treatment. By my medical experience I highly recommend H.T.E. devices.

Through this statement, I Dr. Javier Esquivel Gonzalez, Surgeon and Homeopath, with Id no. from the General Board of Professions No. 447032, with Specialty in Human Acupuncture with Professional Id No. 5179488 and a Member of Mexican College of Acupuncture as a Founder and Member of the Board as Vocal for the state of Morelos and Tlaxcala, graduate of the National School of Medicine and Homeopathic of the Polytechnic University, with International Recognition of FILASMA (International Federation of Acupuncturist Medical Associations) in Europe, Ibero-American, Asia and America. Acupuncture professor at Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine and National Medical Center Century XXI and Approach to Clinical Care Models of Acupuncture recognized by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, I highly recommend all of H.T.E. products; the way we have used these products have allowed a faster recovery for all different illnesses treated here.

One of the most used devices in our practice is the HotHouse which has FIR and we use it instead of Moxibustion allowing us to stimulate with heat the acupuncture points, avoiding the smoke from Moxibustion, which makes this application more comfortable and clean.

Through this statement, I Dr. Orfilia Gutierres Salazar, General Medicine Physician and Obstetrician, specializing in Nutrition and Obesity with Id. No. 3212003; graduated from Monterrey University (UDEM), Member of Nutritionist Clinic and Obesity Association of Monterrey.  I currently have a private practice in general medicine, obstetric nutrition and obesity.

I complement the care of my patients of Nutrition and Obesity with H.T.E. products and the SOQI Concept. This is what has helped our patients achieve better results, keep them healthy and full of energy. Therefore, I highly recommend all H.T.E products which I use with my patients and myself as well.

My name is Juan Manuel Madrigal Vargas, and I’m a dental surgeon, with professional identification Lumber: 634309.
Six years ago I was introduced to H.T.E. products, through this time I’ve confirmed their efficiency to maintain a good health, as well as take care of those problems when they are present and helped to achieve a good quality of life. The result of using H.T.E. devices shows a whole body improvement almost instantly.

The adequate usage of H.T.E. technology assures us that we will not have the need to consume great amounts of medications, which normally have a collateral effect on our body.

The response I always have every time I recommend these wonderful products are of  thankfulness and I am convinced that they will always produce good results. The quality of them is proven thanks to their two year warranty which gives us confidence that these products are well constructed. For all of these reasons I highly recommend these products for everyday use.

The SOQI Concept gives us warmth and movement,  which is incredible, and makes us feel so good! The E-Power has so many advantages, and moreover is a great analgesic.  The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer is the best way to have total relaxation and activate our blood circulation. These devices should be in every home so everybody can use them.

My name is Gisela Liliana Sánchez Martinez; I’m a physician currently working at the Emergency Room of the Green Cross in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. In November 2008, I was introduced to H.T.E. devices thru a coworker Dr. Enriqueta Castellanos who invited me to take 3 sessions, and thanks to them I noticed the benefits immediately. I suffer from migraines, lumbalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and peptic acid. The week after I took the sessions I didn’t have any discomfort; even the tension in my neck diminished and I was able to go to my night shifts without any stress.

Thanks to the results I got, I decided to buy the devices and shared with a patient the SOQI Bed and Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer. They controlled her episodes of constipation.

I’m very convinced about the effectiveness of these devices because they have good information about the origins of its technology, which can be complemented by investigations from a lot of sources. It’s true they work with the same energies of the human body, which are heat, electricity, movement, etc.

The technology is well known and has been investigated by renowned scientists who have proven recently that the continuous use of these devices reactivate the formation of Stem Cells in the body; and is well known that such cells are Pluripotential, that means, they can be differentiated in any kind of cells and when the body notices them, sends them to the needed organ, this explains why so many people who suffer from serious illnesses like cancer, digestive problems, heart  diseases, dermatological conditions, hepatic, hematologic, immunologic, pneumology, emotional, etc; have improved.
All of this is surprising and the most impressive thing is that they have improved the quality of life of so many people in so many aspects; from emotional, physical, chemical, and even esthetic, since the people who use these devices have seen an improvement in their skin, hair, weight, etc.

Through this statement, I Dr. Consuelo Sanchez Cruz, Family doctor with professional Id No. 1565918, I perform as a Physician in charge of the Family Medicine Unit No. 63 of IMSS of the municipality of Marin, N.L. for the past 7 I’ve been developing my profession to the service of people and currently have 18 years working for the IMSS.

I’m glad to acknowledge and recommend as a Physician all H.T.E. equipment. They have proven not only myself, but also in my patients, the valuable benefits of these devices, improving in a faster and surprising way the evaluative process of illnesses.

That’s why I used them as an alternative medicine treatment for the patients in my unit. Personally, I had an accident in my home causing the fracture of a vertebrate which brought about a herniated disc, causing intense pain. By recommendation I used the HotHouse and after a month doctors perform another study, and they cancelled my column surgery since my hernia had disappeared. The pain disappeared and I was able to perform my daily activities 5 months after the accident. I thank God and this enterprise for being so wonderful and for giving us another solution to treat our patients, that’s why I highly recommend H.T.E. equipment.

Through this statement, I Licentiate in Pedagogy, Araceli Linares Aguirre, graduated from UNAM, with concentration in natural medicine and alternative therapies at the Latin-American Society of Natural Medicine and with 18 years experience in health education for ISSTE (General Medical Subdivision).

Since 10 years ago thru this date I have directed the Naturist Center PAHCALLI. My family and I are fortunate to have all the equipment from H.T.E. which we use every day with excellent results. In my center I have had the opportunity and satisfaction of treating people with different health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, ascites, migraine, sciatic and even skin cancer, parotid cancer, lumbalgia, facial paralysis, etc. and the results far exceed the expectations of those who have come to seek my help. For all the statements mentioned before, I recommend all H.T.E. equipment as a trustworthy alternative to improve our health without secondary effects.

Sincerely; Licentiate in Pedagogy

Through this statement, I Enedina Benito Gonzalez, Nurse at Tacuba General Hospital, which belongs to the Institute of Social Security at the Service of State Workers (ISSSTE) can highly recommend H.T.E. enterprise equipment which I have used and recommended for the past 3 years with excellent results and testimonials.

The latest results I got was when I recommend them to a patient who suffered a very serous accident, and had multiple fractures in both arms, immobilizing them completely. With the use of the Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer she was able to recover her mobility in about a year.

The most recent testimony I have is the case of a person who was scheduled to have a surgery in the spinal column. This person decided to try the Chi Machine, HotHouse and Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer that produced great results in the first two sessions. She decided to postpone her surgery and currently she is very happy with the results.

For all of the above and for all the benefits my family and I have, I recommend these products.

To Whom it may concern:
Through this statement, I, M.T. Francisco Javier Espinoza Cisneros, Massotherapist  with Regulation of SEP 21BT0320K, book 01, fold 78 and from the Board of Labor  and Social Prevention with Regulation STPS MACK-830119-0005, book 04, fold 04MKGDMS106 from the University of Medical Alternatives, graduated on SHIAT- SU Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Certified in Biomagnetism by C.U.A.M.

I currently direct the first SOQI Center in the Mexican Republic, López Cotilla 723, in Guadalajara, Jal.

As a therapist, it has been very rewarding to see the results of rehabilitation with my patients who suffer from problems with Sciatic Nerve, Lumbalgia, Sprains of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, Facial Paralysis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Gastric Ulcers and Varicose, Strokes, Quadriplegic and a huge number of people have seen great results in the improvement of their health.
It has now been seven and a half years working with these wonderful H.T.E. products and they continue giving quality of life to every person who uses them with perseverance. That’s why I highly recommend the SOQI equipment due to the amazing results we have had.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

HTE Mexico appreciates the cooperation of the doctors and therapists who gave their statements and recommend our products. HTE Mexico assumes that the curriculum of these doctors and therapists  is real and therefore endorses their recommendation. HTE México. All rights reserved.


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