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Be Aware of Chi Machine Imitations


The Chi Machine is a Passive Aerobic Exerciser. Since it's popularity many manufacturers have built their own version of a Passive Aerobic Exerciser. The secret of a genuine Passive Aerobic Exercisers (A) is their motor is perfectly balanced and the rocking motion is perfectly balanced from left to right. Imitation Passive Aerobic Exercisers (B) look like they perform the proper movement, but are not balanced, thus they do not produce optimal effects.

There are other imitation/copycat devices on the market today. These devices, in an attempt to sell the machines for less, have used inferior motors in them. This causes the machine to not be able to provide the smooth, consistent, balanced motion necessary to receive the health benefits the machine was designed for. The fake machines usually sell for between $98-$449.

Our Manufacturer has tried a number of Imitation/Copycat machines, here are their comments:

The Oxyciser, which is available from the Home Shopping Network for $98. It has a very weak motor and a violent motion that has had many people complaining of injury. This Oxyciser comes with a warning that you could burn the motor up if you use it for more than 15 minutes at a time and don't rest it a half hour between uses. It also specifies that it is not to be used commercially or in a professional healthcare office. The Chi Machine is made to be used in a busy doctor's office (MD, DC, ND, LMT).

The Stress Buster by Tinny Beauty, they have 2 models one cheap one and a 'deluxe' model. This was made by a former Chi Machine distributor that took the Chi Machine to China and through a Chinese government sponsored program is having this fake machine built there. It is sold here though a couple of distributors. It is not his main business, he just makes these as extra income. Just call them and you will see.

The Swing Machine or Healthy Swing. Again a variable speed control and an inferior product. It weighs only 7lbs. The Chi Machine is more sturdy and built to be used in hospitals. There are probably others, but these are the ones I have run across the most.

If you have any doubts as to any of this information I suggest you call the company that makes each machine. You will find NO real companies behind any of these other machines, just importers of boxes trying to make a quick buck. They have had people purchase these machines only to return them and buy a Chi Machine.

Do your own research and you will realize that it is no bargain to buy an inferior product that could not only break down in a few months, but could harm you. It's not worth saving a few bucks on something that you'll be using to maximize your health two or more times per day. No copy can compare with a Genuine Passive Aerobic Exerciser.

A note from a recent customer;

By the way, I recently purchased a chi machine knock-off. What a mistake!
The chi machine is so much more relaxing--the other thing beats me up!




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