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List of Professionals Using The Chi Machine & HotHouse

Craniosacral Therapist

Maureane Dupuis
Registered Craniosacral Therapist
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I use the Total Health Spa daily for physical (aching joints) as well as mental & emotional (seratonins) healing. It provides a wonderful meditative safe place for spiritual contemplation as well.
I freely introduce the Total Health Spa and the HTE nutritional supplements to all my clients as well. When they are responsive, I encourage them to purchase it for themselves."
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John D. Cantando, MD
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, CA 92555

“I highly recommend The Chi Machine to anyone. My wife and I use the machine faithfully; it not only provides her with energy but also helps increase circulation which helps with her varicose veins. I find the machine to be very therapeutic."

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Dr. Carlos R. Lopez
Plano, TX 75023

"I currently use HTE's products for my own personal wellness. I am actively on a mission to promote HTE's products to many other Medical professionals. I feel that all medical fields should use and promote HTE's products for continued wellness for everyone."

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Dr. Nathan L. Lipton, MD. F.A.A.O.
Vision Wellness and Laser Center
Richardson, Texas 75080

"I am an ophthalmologist in practice for over 25 years. I specialize in Lasik laser vision correction and I have my patients use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse far infrared dome for about 10 minutes immediately prior to their surgery to relax them.I have also found the Chi Machine and the HotHouse very effective in treating a great variety of chronic diseases. As well, these devices benefit healthy people by increasing energy and reducing stress. I personally use the Chi Machine and the HotHouse and recommend them to my patients and colleagues."

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Scott Tennant
Senergy Medical Group - Ophthalmologist on Staff
Irving, TX 75038

"We offer the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a “therapy” in our clinic. We also have the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a “purchase option” for clients who would like to have their very own units."

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Marcelo A. Shanly, M.D.
Clinica Integral De La Vision
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I am an Ophthalmologist practicing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned about the Chi Machine and the Hot House at an ophthalmology convention in San Diego. I am using them with my patients before surgery, in order to relax them, and some of them are still coming back for a new session after the surgery because they feel a relief of their pains with the machine. I am looking forward to selling them so everybody can have his or her own machine, but as you know, the country's situation is not the same as it was a couple of years before. That is why I am trying to find out how to sell them. The price I am giving them is the same as I paid. I started with this a month ago, so I will see what comes out of it. Thanks so much!"

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Robert Proffitt, MD
Grand Island, NE 68801

"I am personally enjoying the benefits of the Chi Machine. I look forward to adding the chi machine to my office for my staff to have the opportunity to use. I anticipate they will experience increase in energy, relaxation and stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of well-being."

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Dr. Robert T. Lin, M.D.
UCLA School of Medicine
Director, IQ Medical Center
Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology

"I am using the Chi machine and showing it to my patients. The Chi Machine has the potential to relax my patients before their LASIK surgery so that I rarely need to use oral sedatives."

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Dr. Rick Munoz, O.D
Therapeutic Optometrist
Odessa Eye Clinic
Odessa, TX

“I have been practicing for seven years. I am 36 years old. I was somewhat skeptical of the Chi Machine before trying it, but I am glad I did. I have a recurrent lower back problem and my knee has been hurting lately, the latter being a racquetball injury. After just the first use for 15 minutes on the Chi Machine, I felt amazing relief in my back and my knee. The machine relaxes and invigorates at the same time. The benefit seems to come immediately following the use of the machine when you relax for a few minutes. An indescribable current or wave of electricity seems to course through my body after each use. Several friends, at my urging, have used my machine and every single one has felt its benefits. My wife loves it as well. We use it before work in the morning and before bedtime. My mother-in-law suddenly visits us almost daily and uses the machine as well. I am considering using the machine on patients who are about to undergo laser treatment as a form of relaxation. The Chi Machine is truly wonderful and I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you for this remarkable product."

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Occupational Therapists

Dan McKinzie
Occupational Therapist
Brownsburg, IN 46112

“I'm an Occupational Therapist specializing in adult neurological rehabilitation. I am a proud Chi Machine owner that personally sees tremendous results. I plan to market to prospective physicians I work with as well as rehab specialists in the metro Indianapolis, IN area. There is a huge untapped potential market in the central Indiana area. A couple of physicians have already expressed interest in the Chi Machine and Hothouse."

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Cynthia Thunstrom OTR/L, HHSP
Occupation Therapist/Holistic health services
Mounds View, MN 55112

“I am purchasing a Chi Machine today following a demonstration. I had a very positive result just from a short demonstration. I am an occupational therapist in physical disability practice with older adults. I am also certified in holistic health services. I hope to incorporate the use of this modality in my therapy practice for better rehabilitation results with my clients."

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Linda M. Keller
Self Image
Orthotist / Prosthetist
Fort Wayne, IN 45404

“I am introducing the Chi Machine to my cancer survivors that are dealing with Lymphoedema and residual pain. I'm offering a rental program both in their home and at my office. I know my diabetic clients will avail themselves of these services."

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Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. John Whittaker
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Centerville, UT 84014

“The first time I used the HotHouse I felt I had more movement in my neck. I had significant relief of pain and slept much better. After one treatment I knew I had to own this equipment. The Chi Machine seemed to relieve tension and stress. Sleep comes much easier with use at bedtime.”

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Dr. Ronald P. Peroff, M.D.
The Queen’s Physicians Office Building 1
Honolulu, HI 96813

“I am an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist) practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased The Chi Machine and HotHouse a few months ago after attending a medical convention where they were displayed.

Since purchasing the machines, I have been using them as often as possible, and am enjoying the benefits of these medical devices.

I try to be health conscious, and it’s a good feeling to know that The Chi Machine and HotHouse greatly enhances the body’s basic functions such as Oxygenation and blood circulation. The utilization of far infrared technology to assist the body in its own natural healing process is also very appealing to me.

My practice encompasses a wide, specialized area of conditions including ear disorders, sinus infections, allergies, neck and throat tumors, etc. I also treat pain involving lumbar discs and musculoskeletal problems. I am planning to purchase another set so that I can have one at home, and one at the office. I would like to introduce these machines to my patients, so that they too may experience the health enhancing benefits that I am enjoying."

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Dr. Gary Wines
Doctor of Chiropractic
Beaumont, CA

“I use The Chi Machine personally and find it wonderfully relaxing”

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Dr. Robert J. Willinsky
Doctor of Chiropractic
Camarillo, CA 93010

"I've used The Chi Machine and Far Infrared HotHouse personally and professionally for years and highly recommend their use in the Chiropractic profession. I believe everyone in the world could and should benefit from these great products."

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Dr. Carol Johnson R.N.,D.C
Johnson Chiropractic Center
Chiropractic Physician- Registered Nurse
Dayton, NV 89403

"I use the Chi Machine (after using the HotHouse to warm up the muscles) to do myofascial release work around the clavicles and anterior neck muscles. This releases neck restriction in people who have, for example, a problem with waking up at night choking."

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Dr. Theresa L. Smith
Doctor of Chiropractic
Sierra Madre, California 91024

"I would highly recommend the Chi Machine to anyone; especially those who are not able to exercise. I have seen incredible results with the daily use of this machine. It is a godsend."

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Robert D. Longan, D.C
Doctor of Chiropractic
Imperial, NE

"HTE products are "used in my practice in conjunction with other therapies to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, as well as an increased health benefit."

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Ronald Conley
Conley Family Chiropractic, P.C
Parker, CO 80134

"I am a chiropractor and my patients use my Chi Machine every day."

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Dr. Anna Jalas
Doctor of Chiropractic
Santa Maria, CA 93454

"I use my Chi Machine every day 20 minutes. Wouldn't be without it. I even take the machine with me on vacation. I'm 81- I'm still practicing 12 hours- I'm a Soul Healer.."

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Dr. Doug Valentine
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Use the Chi Machine for quick easy exercise"

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Dr. Steven Forrest, D.C.
Forrest Health Center - "Healing Mind, Body and Spirit" -
Los Gatos, CA 95030

"I personally use the Chi Machine and our patients love it!"

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Dr. James Morales, D.C.
Dr. Susan Duve, D.C., F.I.A.M.A., N.D.
Accident & Rehab Clinic @ Cornerstone
Chiropratic, Medical, Rehab, Acupuncture, Wellness
Edinburg, TX 78539

"We have used 'The Chi Machine' and 'The Hot House' for 5 years now. Our patients love them. They have proven to be very valuable therapeutic devices."

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Elizabeth Erkenswick,DC
Chiropractor's First
Evanston, Illinois

"At Chiropractic First, I have a Network Spinal Analysis practice. Many of our practice members use the chi machine to enhance their adjstments. I also have one at home for my family's personal use. We love it."

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Dr. Russell M. Sherbondy
Sherbondy Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Doctor of Chiropractic
Milwaukee, WI 53207

"People need to be responsible for their own health. By utilizing the Chi Machine, Far Infrared Dome, and Electro Reflex Energizer, the whole family can affordably improve every aspect of their health on a daily basis. I have incorporated all of these therapeutic machines in my patients', my own, and my family's health needs. Consistently, since May 1999 I have experienced amazing benefits in the areas of improved circulation, muscle and joint motion, stress reduction, pain relief, detoxification, weight loss and toning, lung and sinus relief, digestion, and neurologic and behavioral balancing in countless peoples lives. Don't hide this light under a bushel basket; share this opportunity with those you meet!"

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Dr. Mark R Winteregg
Dupont Family Chiropractic, P.C.
Chiropractic Physician
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

”I am excited about using the Chi Machine in my office. I have already seen results. I am also eager to see what it can do for my patients in rehabilitation and patients with proprioception problems. I wish I would have bought this when I first started as a chiropractor."

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Dr. Jackson Corley
Gridley, CA 95948

“I plan to use the Chi machine on specific types of patients in my chiropractic office. These patients would be those with circulatory difficulties, i.e. pitting edema, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy. The Chi motion increased the circulation to the heart and decreased the swelling in the legs. I am very excited about this."

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Paul Newton, DC
Filosofi Chiropractic
Nepean, ON K2G 5X3

“I am a chiropractor, specifically a Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Practitioner. For the past few years Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of NSA has been promoting the Chi Machine as a way to enhance the nervous systems wellness. I finally tried one this year and was impressed with how it moved my spine. I was even more impressed by the energy rush afterwards. My machine is on its way and I can’t wait to share it with my patients!"

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Kimberly Guthrie
Chiropractic Physician
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

“I started using The Chi Machine about two weeks ago. I have had the best nights sleep since. Before using The Chi Machine I would wake up two to four times in the night, waking up feeling like I never slept. I am going to incorporate the use of The Chi Machine in my practice so patients can experience the healing benefits of The Chi Machine."

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Dr. Mark C. Reps
Lakeland, MN 55043

"The Chi Machine acts as a pleasant and soothing adjunct prior to manipulation of the spine. Holistic health care practitioners of all kinds can use the Chi Machine to enhance circulation of the body energy; thereby helping their patients"

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Dr. Lonnie Holmquist
Holmquist Advanced Chiropractic
Lindstrom, MN 55045

“I’ve used the ERE machine on many patients in my practice with great results. Two of my 80 year old patients go on the machine the second they walk in the clinic. They have made great progress with their foot numbness and leg cramps. I also have a couple auto accident patient who love the Hothouse their making progress now when other therapies did nothing."

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Scott Verner
Doctor of Chiropractic
Amarillo, TX 79106

“I have recently been introduced to the marvels of the Chi Machine and I am very impressed of the potential that this unit has too offer my family, staff and patients. For several years now I have been using a chiropractic technique know as flexion/distraction on the bulk majority of my patients. Now I can offer another form of intersegmental movement to my patients at a very affordable price. I believe the Chi Machine will do an incredible job in aiding my patient's while they are away from the office. This is all available at a fraction of the cost of the equipment used in my office and likely more beneficial and effective."

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Family Physicians

Anne May, M.D.
Family Physician- Board Certified
Tulsa, OK 74137

"I am using both The Chi Machine and HotHouse as adjunctive therapy for management of chronic pain and musculo-skeletal pain."

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Shivinder S. Deol, M.D.
President, Kern Academy of Family Physicians since 1977
Diplomate, American Academy of Family Physicians
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Member, American College of Advancement in Medicine
Bakersfield, CA

"My focus has shifted radically in the last few years from treating diseases to preventing diseases by using natural therapies as a primary way to reduce disease and suffering.

My patients have been experiencing great success with The Chi Machine & FIR HotHouse. I am offering free trials to most of my patients and letting them feel the immediate benefits in the office. I am truly convinced that these units can help relieve numerous health challenges for a lot of people naturally. My wife is using the Total Health Spa & loves it!"

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Gaylene Soloniuk-Tays MD
Family Practice
Visalia, CA

"The Chi Machine is effective in treating my patients with stress. Also personally when I am under pressure in the office, ten minutes on my Chi Machine helps me to return to my work invigorated. I'm impressed with the Chi Machine and HotHouse and I am incorporating both of them into my practice."

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Dan Harper, M.D.
Family Physician
San Diego, CA

In reference to The Chi Machine..."I have had patients that lost over 30 pounds in less than two months that couldn’t walk due to vascular ischemia or osteoarthritis... Edema was markedly reduced in all cardiac and lymphedema clients. I have also used it in my cancer patients to increase blood flow to the tissues to get more Natural Killer Cells to the tumor site, and to remove blocked lymphatics so that more tumor cells could be removed by the enzymes and phagocytic cells. Some clients commented on better memory as cerebral circulation improved. In short, every organ system of the body is enhanced, including the immune system."

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Health Care Directors

Kathy Finnson
Riverdale Place Homes Inc.
Executive Director
Mannitoba, Canada

“As an administrator of health care facilities for mentally challenged adults, I am always looking for ways to improve quality of life for our residents. After using the Chi Machine myself for the last two weeks, I can see how beneficial it will be in our homes. This is truly a remarkable device! I find it eases muscle tension, increases energy and provides an overall feeling of well being. The Chi Machine certainly has the potential to have a very positive impact here."

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Lois Weigand
Help & Hope
Wickliffe, Ohio

“Since adding the ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZER to our recommendations for our clients we are seeing faster and more dramatic benefits for a wide range of conditions. Just two examples will illustrate. The first was a lady with rheumatoid arthritis who after using the ERE just one time felt significant relief of her pain and reported that she had the best night’s sleep in years. Since then she purchased an ERE of her own and after just five days reported that she was able to reduce her medication by fifty percent and still enjoy significant reduction of pain. The second is a male in his seventies who still works as a manufacturer’s representative and drives many hours each day. For years he has gripped the steering wheel with his right hand while he drives. But his right wrist had become so painful that it was becoming extremely difficult for him to continue driving and working. He used the ERE only a few times and already is almost completely pain free. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the successful results the Electro Reflex Energizer is producing."

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Mental Health Practitioner

Julie K. Krull, Ph.D., L.M.H.P., C.P.C
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
Minden, Nebraska

“I have a variety of practitioners in my office from psychotherapy to massage therapy. Using the Chi Machine before sessions promotes relaxation, stress management, and overall wellness. My husband and three teenagers at home love it as well."

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Preventive Health Resources Clinic
Teresa Griffin, Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant
Dr. Bob Griffen- Certified Pastoral Counselor, Doctor of Ministries
Casper, WY 82604

"We have been using The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse for a number of years both PERSONALLY in our home and PROFESSIONALLY in our Clinic.

To say we are pleased with the quality of the product and its effectiveness in helping with the exercise and oxygenation of the body would be an understatement."

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Virginia M. Ingalls, N.D., M.T.
Naturopathic Doctor, Massage Therapist
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

"I do lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Acupressure, reflexology, facials, and myofascial release therapy. I am completely sold on the Chi Machine and the Hot House as a tool in helping to keep the body healthy along with my other services to my patients."

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Gloria J. Roohr-Hyzer, N.D.
Naturopath, Holistic Health
Cushing, WI

“I purchased the Chi Machine, Hot House and the Electric Reflex Energizer after only three days of testing and working with many of my clients. The individual results were amazing. One client was pain free after her session. My husband has been using the ERE and the hot house for his knees , ankles and feet (disc and sciatic related). Not only did he experience a reduction in the pain, the swelling on the outsides of his ankles went completely away after the second time he used the ERE. Other's experienced energy they'd not felt in a long time. Another's congestion cleared after a very short time under the hot house."

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Lourdes Alvarez Ibarra
Los Angeles, CA

[Translated from its original version in Spanish]“I believe that the Chi Machine is incredible. According to my knowledge of the human body, I believe that the Chi Machine helps the body function better, and I would recommend it to any of my patients. I believe that each and every person should have one."[Spanish Version]“Mi nombre es Lourdez Ibarra, Soy omiopata de profesion, ejerciendo en el area de los Angeles, California. Creo que es un invento incredible, ya que cnociendo como trabaja el cuerpo humano, esas maquinas lo hacen trabajar major, y la recomiendo a cualquiera de mis pacientes, se que toda persona la deberia adquirir."

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Dr. Michael Frost
Naturopath, Alternative Medicine
Highland Heights, OH 44143

“I purchased the ERE Machine last month and use it for me, my staff and clients. The clients use it before their treatments and have experienced more energy and pain relief. My staff and I have experienced more energy and pain relief as well."

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Dr. Malebone Laing ND
Hartland Wellness Center
Naturo Path Rapidan, VA 22733

“I strongly recommend The Chi Machine to anyone. Why? Because, I have witnessed how people have actually improved in their health as a result of using the machine. A client of mine who is suffering from breast cancer is currently using it. She came to my office pale, lacking of energy and depressed. I put her on a special protocol to combat the disease, and The Chi Machine is one of the important factors of the protocol. A few weeks into this program and she is improving greatly. Her facial complexion is showing positive boons of life. The paleness is gone and she has more energy. Her outlook for life is brighter. This Chi Machine is what I would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting healthy. Try it today!"

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Maurine Butler
Home Health Nurse
Wendell, Idaho

“As a Home Health Nurse for many years, I have been searching for praying for - an alternative to the prescribed drugs and treatment which sometimes cover up but do not ease the discomfort and debilitating effects of disease and age. Thank you for this wonderful machine. It is surely and truly an answer to prayers uttered in the face of this great need."

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Beatriz G. Garcia
Beaumont, CA

“I first started using the machines at my friend’s house. She would invite me over often. At first I wasn’t to open minded about it but I saw that day-by-day it would make me feel better. I’m a nurse at a nursing home and it’s very exhausting, so every time I would use the machine, it would relax my muscles. I also noticed that it was helping me breathe better. I could take deep breaths that I wasn’t able to do for years until I used these products."

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Vicky Loredo LPN
Midland, TX

“I have used The Chi Machine with a couple of my patients and it has been very successful. One of the children I've worked with has problems walking and ever since he started using The Chi Machine, his digestive system has been a lot better overall. He doesn't have constipation anymore and the pain has diminished.

Another patient of mine had back problems; he use to have an excruciating pain and now he feels a lot better, without as much stress nor as much pain.

Thank You HTE for your fabulous machine."

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Amy Huver
Elementary School Teacher
Rice, MN 56367

"I am an elementary school teacher who works with many children who suffer from emotional-behavior disorders. I work with occupational therapists to create programs that will allow these children to be successful in the classroom and in their everyday lives. I feel the Chi Machine could be incredibly beneficial to many of these children. I plan to suggest the use of the Chi Machine to our occupational therapist, special education team, and parents.

I have cardiovascular disease, Celiac Sprue, migraines, and neck problems. The Chi Machine has become an essential part in my daily life. With teaching comes many stressful days. I feel the Chi Machine has positively impacted my health and has allowed me to keep up with my students the way I need to."

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Judy Westin
Teaching Degree
Becker, MN

“I have an elementary education teaching degree and do tutoring with students who are below grade level in their reading and math skills. I plan on sharing the benefits of the Chi Machine with fellow teachers, especially those teachers who work with special need students. I myself find that I am more relaxed and energized by using the Chi Machine daily."

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Sherry McCrary
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

“I have been a teacher now for 28 years. I am always stressed and my shoulders are always tight. I am excited about the Chi Machine and know it will help me feel better and relieve my stress. I would like to take it to school with me to demonstrate to my co-workers how relaxing it is and how much it will also relieve their stress."

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Paulette Mitchell
Preschool Teacher
Dallas, TX

“I have been a preschool teacher for 24 years and I have had my share of aches and pains. The Chi Machine and Hothouse have helped relieve many of the discomforts I experienced. I have shared this information with my co-workers and they are very interested in improving their health and well-being. As a new distributor, I am very excited to offer them this opportunity. Thank You!"

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Flor Paz
Indio, CA 92201

“My friend turned me onto the Chi Machine and I started to use it right away, of course, immediate results followed...especially in my improved circulation. I decided to take it to work and try it on a few of my students; I'm a teacher. The children have been taking it as a ride they get to go on. But I've been observing the results and they are amazing. I have a couple of Attention Deficit students and they've actually relaxed and come out more attentive for hours at a time when using the machine. I had one student tell me her headache went away as a result of being on the machine only 5 minutes. The parents had the opportunity to try it as well since I needed their permission to use it on the children. It's been great and I thank you."

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Kymra Donaldson
Mesa, Arizona

”In the past eleven years I have developed a severe arthritic condition which makes even walking very difficult. The Chi Machine is relaxing and a comfortable way to get stimulation to the spine and extremities. This can prove beneficial both for myself and for my fellow teachers in the Teachers' Lounge, or wherever it can be useful. It should be a great reliever of stress."

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Anne Hardman
West Jordan, Utah

“I have been a teacher for over 20 years. Many of the students that I have taught have had trouble learning certain concepts. I have searched for something that would help to connect the hemispheres of the brain, to aid in their learning. The Chi machine is just what I have been praying for, thank you."

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Georgeanna Donaldson
Elementary School Teacher / Reading Clinician
Merced, California

“The Chi Machine is a most unusual machine for increasing the circulation of the blood throughout the body. It has a unique sideways motion that seems to find all the sore spots and works them out in an amazingly short time. After having used it for just five minutes, I felt as good as though my mother, an internationally - known massage therapist, had given me a full body massage. I teach elementary school children which can be stressful at times. Coming home to the Chi Machine is like coming home to my mom and being able to get a very stimulating and relaxing massage - wherever I am and whenever I like. The Chi Machine is truly an asset to my life."

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Jonathan Rojo
South San Francisco, CA

"I am delighted to be part of the HTE Family and excited to share the healthful benefits of my Chi Machine. In addition to the health benefits we receive from the machine, it also aids students to get a better grade. My friend’s son, after using The Chi Machine, became an ‘A' student. My niece also became an honor student. I would definitely recommend The Chi Machine to everyone. This machine increases the oxygen level in the brain which helps students improve their memory."

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Bette Schreifels
Physical Education Teacher
Rice, MN

"I have a Physical Education Degree with a health minor. After learning of the many health benefits of the machines, I decided to purchase the Total Health Spa. My husband and I are using the 3 HotHouses and the one Chi Machine daily, mainly for detoxification and the oxygenation benefits. My husband has already noticed improvement in his psoriasis condition on his legs and arms. I have noticed an improvement in my back stiffness. We both feel these machines are capable of helping various health conditions.

The Total Health Spa is also for the women I work with in exercise and healthy living. It not only eases soreness but relaxes as well. This promotes healing especially for those with fatigue and discomfort. Thank You HTE."

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Kloyd Donaldson
School Teacher
Hobbs, New Mexico

"The Chi Machine affords a convenient and effective method of effortless exercise and relaxation. It can be a means of improving mental alertness at home or in the school setting."

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Cognitive Trainer

Matthew McNatt
McNatt Learning Center, Inc.
Cognitive Trainer
Marseilles, IL 61341

"As the director of the McNatt Learning Center, Inc., I am excited by applications the Chi Machine may have to the field of cognitive training.   

First, auditory discrimination can be hindered by decreased sensitivity to or awareness of lateral movement. By stimulating the vestibular system in an organized manner, the Chi Machine holds tremendous promise for enhancing auditory awareness, auditory discrimination, and vestibular integration. I thus view the Chi Machine as complimentary to listening therapy and balance training and, for some students, a helpful contribution to balance-based vision therapy using balance boards and Mardsen balls.

Second, due to its bi-lateral rhythmic movement and possible enhancement of auditory discrimination, the Chi Machine can also be used as a warm-up for training gross-motor rhythm and timing. I thus view the Chi Machine as complimentary to training with the Interactive Metronome.

Third, vestibular stimulation can be a primary gateway for teaching some hypo-stimulated children with special needs. I thus believe that the Chi Machine, when used in conjunction with naprapathic adjustment or Rolfing to help these children gain and maintain alignment, can be a key to helping some hypo-stimulated children " wake up " sufficiently to interact and learn.

Fourth, adolescents and adults with Tourette syndrome (TS) often have heightened neuro-electrical awareness, along with a tendency to try to overcome what they perceive to be blockages in the flow of whatever internal energy they perceive. Movements to overcome perceived blockages, though often made in ignorance and ultimately unsuccessful, can become quickly habituated as " tics. " Children with TS usually tic without perceiving a cause. The oxygen rush of the Chi Machine mimics (or duplicates) the healthy flow of energy sought by many individuals with TS. Thus, individuals with TS may naturally trust the movement of the Chi Machine, which I believe they can then productively use as training, simply letting the movement happen instead of anticipating and trying to control it. Such practice waiting and letting go may be especially helpful for individuals with Tourette Syndrome in tandem to Interactive Metronome training, in which trainees similarly learn to wait for a beat, rather than anticipating or trying to control it.

I personally use and enjoy the Chi Machine, and I heartily endorse its appropriate, supervised use in cognitive training."

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