BetaLoe™ ... A possible Defense Against SARS?

Reprintd from HTE June, 2003 Newsletter
Everywhere you turn these days,people are talking about the fact that SARS has claimed many lives and infected thousands in more than 30 countries throughout the world. The good news is that scientists and the WHO (World Health Organization) are getting closer to finding a vaccine and a cure. The bad news is that they estimate it could be years before a
vaccine or a cure is discovered and formulated. Based on that timeframe, you need to ask “is there anything I can do in the meantime?” The answer is yes - there is something you can do. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. You can start by ensuring that you build the strongest immune system possible. A vaccine builds your immune system to ward off specific invaders.

It doesn’t kill a virus or a bug; it aids in building a specific function of your immune system to fight one specific disease. If you can’t combat the virus directly, you need to take the next best step which is to maintain a good immune function. That means eating correctly, drinking water, breathing good quality air, resting, exercising and using supplements such as BetaLoe™. This product is one of the best food supplements needed to maintain a healthy immune system. BetaLoe consists of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan and pure, certified Aloe Vera. Beta 1, 3-D Glucan has been recognized for more than forty years and is
recently receiving tremendous notoriety on its abilities to support a strong immune system. Aloe Vera is also recognized as an immune booster, body healer and a compound that improves the absorption of nutrients.

In 2002, Beta 1, 3-D Glucan gained further recognition for its ability to bolster immune response in an experiment with Anthrax spores.*

The study involved four groups of mice:
• Group 1 was given Beta 1, 3-D Glucan for 7 straight days and then injected with Anthrax spores.
• Group 2 did not receive Beta 1, 3-D Glucan but was also injected with Anthrax spores.
• Group 3 skipped dosages of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan every other day.
• Group 4 did not start oral dosing Beta 1, 3-D Glucan until after they were injected with Anthrax.

The results were impressive! If they dosed daily, prior to the lethal exposure, the mice treated with Beta 1, 3-D Glucan (the main ingredient in BetaLoe), survived after being injected with Anthrax. This clearly illustrates how effective Beta 1, 3-D Glucan can be in building the immune system. More than 50% of the mice that were not treated with the Beta 1, 3-D Glucan died. Groups 3 and 4 had 80-90% survival, relative to the doses of Beta 1, 3-D Glucan.

Further studies on Beta Glucans are being conducted by the US, Canada and UK Armed Forces as a possible tool against bioterrorism and other immune challenges. There is NO cure for SARS, and no such claim should be construed from this article.

Good scientific research in the US and overseas on Beta 1, 3-D Glucan and Aloe Vera makes them a prudent choice to use every day to help build a healthy immune system. These two ingredients, Beta 1, 3-D
Glucan and Aloe Vera are available to you in one bottle... BetaLoe.

* As illustrated in Vetvicka’s study conducted in 2002. Vetvicka is an associate professor in the Department
of experimental Immunopathology, at the University of Louisville

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