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Mohamed Nasr, M.D.:
Strong Advocate of HTE Equipment

Dr. Mohamed NasrDr. Mohamed Nasr, a native of Egypt, received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the age of 18. Dr. Nasr has Master's degrees in Agronomy, Vitamin E and Biochemistry of Anti-Oxidants. He has a PhD in Pharmacognosy (science of bioactive products). He received his MD degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago, followed by Internal Medicine and Cardiology Fellowships at Chicago Medical School. He is a member of the American College of Nutraceuticals and the American College of Preventative Medicine. He is a member of Shaklee’s Science Field Support Team. Dr. Nasr is currently the Director of the Medical Care and diagnostic Center of Lake Villa, IL.

Dr. Nasr has evaluated the effect of HTE health machines on his patients for the last eight (8) months. These are his observations:


Dr. Nasr's patients have had very good results with sinus problems, bronchial conditions and asthma. He believes that these benefits are derived from the increased blood circulation caused by the deep penetration of the far-infrared into the tissues. Dr. Nasr states that, "No other modality will penetrate the muscles, nerves and subcutaneous tissue as the HotHouseTM does." While massage, heat packs and other therapies penetrate 0.10 inch, the HotHouse penetrates up to three (3) inches.


Dr. Nasr feels that his patients receive relief because of the increased circulation which the Chi Machine produces. Conditions such as hardening of the arteries, raunadus, auto-immune diseases and other circulation problems are improved.


Dr. Nasr felt that this piece of equipment was the best of the three machines because of the availability of the ERE pads which operate similar to a TENS unit. He has extensive experience with TENS and how excellent they are with neuromuscular diseases. Dr. Nasr states, "The ERE is the best I've seen in 30 years of practicing medicine!"

Original Article submitted and written by:  Josephine Eberhardt,  Elkhorn, WI, and came from HTE Americas website.

Footnote: With a doctor's prescription, Medicare may pay for the ERE as a TENS unit. Please consult with Medicare to be sure they can pay for it.


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