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Canada proudly receives issuance of Medical Device Licenses and Approval of Claims

Therapeutic Products Directorate, Medical Devices Bureau under Health Canada

Their Mission: to ensure that drugs, medical devices and other therapeutic products available in Canada are safe, effective and of high quality

These licenses were obtained and these approved claims can be made in Canada:

Medical Device License for Chi Machine #66598 issue at 11/26/04
Purpose / Intended use: The Chi Machine is a Therapeutic Massager.

Benefits of using the Chi Machine are: temporarily relieves muscular aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion and temporarily increases local blood circulation. The Chi Machine relaxes muscles locally and provides a full body massage.

The Chi Machine operates with the user lying on their back and placing their ankles in the grooves of the footrest on top of the machine. The timer switch is activated for the user's preferred amount of time (2-5 minutes for the first time users; And gradually work up to 15 minutes increasing 2 minutes a week for continual use). The footrest moves back and forth, carrying the user's feet from side to side. This movement carries up through the legs, torso and up throughout the entire body causing the user to wiggle back and forth, like a fish.

Medical Device License for HotHouse #66569 issue at 11/25/04
Purpose / Intended use: HotHouse is a portable FIR (Far Infared) topical warming unit that has an arched 160-degree design that increases warming coverage. There are 4 positions: Lower legs; back; abdomen; hand/arm; back. Height extensions are included and so is an armrest.

The HotHouse produces a warm and comfortable feeling and is a perfect adjunction to massage and other Manipulative modalities. It gently elevates the body's surface temperature and helps to expand capillaries and stimulate blood circulation.

Medical Device License for Fir TO GO #66570 issue at 11/25/04
Purpose / Intended use: The FIR TO GO is a portable FIR (Far Infrared) topical warming unit, with a timer (10, 20, 30 minutes) and intensity levels (High, Medium and Low). It is a new innovation in comfort relaxation and controlled warmth.

FIR TO GO provides a more controlled and focused warmth. It gently elevates the body's surface temperature and helps to expand capillaries and stimulate blood circulation.

Medical Device License for ERE #66568 issue at 11/25/04
Purpose / Intended use: Electro Reflex Energizer is a foot massager with 3 settings: Stimulation, Pounding, Relaxing and Massaging. A timer is also included. The user sits in a chair and places their feet on the device pads. a belt is placed around the thighs to prevent the legs from spreading out while using the device. Electro pads can be plugged into the device and placed on the shoulders or waist area for stimulation.

The Electro Reflex Energizer helps to relax and revitalize the entire body and keeps feet warm and soothed by heating stimulation. The massager soothes and refreshes aching feet with the penetrating massage action. The Electro Reflex Energizer relieves stressful aches and pains, eases tension and reduces fatigue, and improves local blood circulation.
The electro pads provide the same soothing massage action.

Disclaimer: These licenses and claims have been approved for Canada only, and have not yet all been approved in The United States. This information is for informational purposes only and should not be advertised as said claims within the United States or in reference to the United States market. United States regulations apply for the usage of approved claims and descriptions.

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